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What Makes a Wheelchair Ramp DDA Complaint? The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 made it compulsory for all service providers and businesses open to the public to take steps to ensure that they provided access to people physically challenged people. Specifically, the act stated that in cases where a building had a feature that made […]

What Makes a Handrail DDA Compliant? According to the 2010 Equality Act terms, there is a need to make reasonable adjustments to commercial and public holdings to overcome physical barriers that make it hard for the physically challenged to get access to facilities. One way to make this achievement is by providing suitable handrails on […]

What Is Glass Reinforced Plastic Used For The use of glass-reinforced plastic—can be traced back to the Second World War. As a new technology at the time, glass and resin production volumes were quite low, and being a composite, its engineering characteristics were not properly understood. However, compared to other materials, its benefits, for specific […]

The Legal Requirements for Roof Edge Protection Globally, many different standards relate to both temporary and permanent edge protection. For the United Kingdom, and Europe in general, the standards include the following:

Glass reinforced plastic is a fiber reinforced polymer or composite material that is made from plastic that has been reinforced with fine fibers made from glass.Similar to carbon fiber reinforced plastic, this composite material is often referred to using the name derived from its reinforcing fibers—fiberglass.