KiteClamp Roofguard is a permanent, self supporting guardrail system that is placed on the flat roof surface. Stability is provided by cantilever concrete counter balance weights with rubber bases.


KiteClamp Roofguard will provide a safe working environment for personnel who are frequenting flat roof areas,maintaining equipment such as air conditioning units, water tanks and aerials etc.

KiteClamp Roofguard can be installed around the complete roof perimeter or just as a guard rail directly to a specific area or piece of equipment. Once installed a permanent safe working area is constructed.

KiteClamp Roofguard requires minimal maintenance and its galvanised finish will provide many years of safe use. A powder coated finish is also available. The system can be dismantled should any maintenance be required to the roof surface, or left in position while the repairs are carried out.

Self supporting with no penetrating fixings through the roof surface. Standard components for all broad scope adaptations. Counter balance system tested to 0.74kn point loading. Galvanized finish + powder coated finish also available.